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Cultivating Moments of Meaning

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Human to Human Development


“The foremost task of education, instead of being satisfied with transmitting traditions and knowledge, is to refine that capacity which allows man to find unique meanings. It must elicit the ability to make independent and authentic decisions”. Prof. Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997).



Ability without willingness is a “motivation-deficiency” challenge as our will to meaning is primary motivation. Willingness without ability is a “skill-deficiency” challenge. In either case, the desired behavior will not be present.

Meaning and Value

“The job at which one works is not what counts, but rather the manner in which one does the work. It does not lie with the occupation, but always with us. The meaning and value however is attached to the persons work as a contribution to society, not to the actual occupation”. Prof. Viktor E. Frankl (1905 – 1997).


Civility Respect & Engagement in the Workplace

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Business Integrated Solutions is a learning & organization development firm helping organizations learn how to adapt attitude and practices for the discovery of meaningful work. We offer an integrated approach to employee experience, health, safety and well being. We aim to enhance positive employee experience (ex) through meaningful work experiences that create, cultivate and integrate moments of meaning, helping align personal purpose with corporate purpose, leading to greater achievement of job satisfaction, whole health and well being.

We offer soft skills advisory in culture and care to help organisations learn how to discover meaning through personal values that positively impact employee experience (EX), customer experience (CX), attrition, retention, organisational structure & culture, leadership, innovation, networking and engagement. The 2016 HRI, TNS Gallup Job satisfaction index states that ‘Meaning’ is the most important factor for job satisfaction, greater than salary, results and colleagues. Meaning is the end result of finding and feeling an increased sense of purpose, that I would suggest is a means to that end. Meaning is our primary motivation in life, therefore in life at work.

Employees can lose sight of their reason and fall in to the trap of providing themselves with a cause whose effect is similar, but the reality is, you don’t have to pursue what you have a reason for. When you have to pursue it, it can result in frustration.

We help organizations to see the competitive advantage in taking a broader view of employee care that includes an integrated approach to the challenge. Caring is based on beliefs and beliefs partly form assumptions along with our values. My belief is that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce with significant human and economic benefits. I would suggest anyone’s belief is a disposition towards the world, of which there are two, one of utility where one has an interest in what’s useful, fixed and certain, where belief is perceived as a feeble form of knowing, eg ” I believe the train is due shortly” therefore I must not be certain that it is. In other words one of control. The second disposition towards the world is one of relationship where if “I believe in you” I stand in a relation of care towards you, that imposes a sense of responsibility on us both to act and be in a way that recognizes things cannot be certain. The choice is ours, control or care?

Here are some alarming facts: Workforce Bullying is Killing People and Profits.

  1. Staff turnover as a result of workplace bullying is costing Irish employers + €105 million.
  2. Absenteeism as a result of workplace bullying is costing Irish employers + €167 million.
  3. 7.4 million working days are lost annually due to workplace bullying resulting in a decrease in productivity costing Irish employers + €1 billion.

Low skill variety is just one reason why work may not seem meaningful. It is also a recognized gap in graduates, who are entering the workforce in specific industry sectors. When coupled with the lack of investment in soft skills over the challenging years, we are starting to see organizations question the quality & competence coming up through the functions. Some symptoms manifest through individual behavior as apathy, inertia and boredom but where does organizational culture & care play a part in the process?

“Most workplace bulling policies focus on individual behaviours and involve supporting victims while changing the behavior of bullies, but ignore the concept of organizational or cultural bullying. They point out that recognizing the role of organizational culture in bullying would require acknowledgement that “normal practices in the work place regularly undermine individuals who work in it.” The suggestion is that policies and practices which are focused at the level of the individual, fail because they ignore the true source of the problem – the organizational environment which supports bullying as part of usual business practice.” 

Report to The Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment March 2007, Philip J. O’Connell, Emma Calvert, Dorothy Watson
The Economic and Social Research Institute.



To achieve meaningful employment, while recognizing that organizations need to attract and retain talent through meaningful workforce solutions that become a catalyst for whole health and well being of all employees lives. 

To cultivate means to grow and help thrive. That means increasing your capacity and ability to learn and progress. We want to enable the building of relationships and community connections for performance and innovation improvement. Now that the need to focus relentlessly on cutting costs is gradually easing, boards and senior executives need help in re-orientating their organizations towards meaning in the digital age and ‘how’ to influence and nurture the foundations for a culture of care throughout the organizations. It’s about the Meaning of work in your life and the quality of life at your work.

It’s about convergence not replacement. Human beings are not machines. Sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence will never worry about the meaning of its existence and yet we stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, live at work and relate to one another. This will try and redefine what it means to be human and make many people anxious as to the meaning of their existence.

It is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution but whose exponential progress can only be ‘purposeful’ not meaningful, as utility and function are not the end, only the means. Even with a growing appreciation for its scale, scope and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before, suggesting that now more than ever before, executives and managers must learn how to build meaningful organizations for meaningful employee experiences. What’s missing in business? “What’s missing from the current labor market is a sense of humanity—as contrasted with lots of emphasis on efficiency, costs, and productivity”.

The future is bright if we learn and improve with technology, but remember to put the person first. Leaders in the digital age of transcendence must learn how to attend, behave and respond, in a way that cultivates an integrated approach to employee experience (EX) for enhanced customer experience (CX).

“Since embarking on this program and defining the core objectives: There has been a 3.5% increase in Production/Utilization. There has been an 8% increase in Margin. Permanent staff turnover has been reduced representing a 25% reduction in turnover for the department”.


“Peter is an excellent adviser and facilitator. With little prior involvement, Peter engaged quickly and effectively with me and my team to guide and facilitate us through a critical stage in a strategic planning exercise that we were conducting under challenging circumstances. His deep understanding of the advantages and challenges of matrix delivery organisations operating within the broader context of traditionally organised companies was very helpful. He quickly identified a gap in our approach to this task, indeed all tasks required of our large cross-functional, multi-company, leadership group and suggested a structural approach to our tasks. I enjoyed working with Peter and would welcome the opportunity to do so again in the future”. Jocelyne Prefontaine European CIO

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Probably the best project management workshop I’ve attended in years. A novel approach to what can be a complex area. The simulation aspect was particularly good as it put flesh and personalities on roles

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