Creating a Socio Economic Cultural Environment for Change

PEAT™ is a gap analysis tool designed to measure how well organizations create and support an environment for successful projects for change through the execution or implementation vehicles of multi disciplined teams.  It is not designed to measure the success of projects themselves.

When creating the tool project and senior managers were not asked how well they thought the organization supported project management. Rather, 70 practices were identified that actually happened, if management created an environment for successful projects, and then managers were asked if those practices happened on their current project.

For example, question two asks if “the senior management of the organization acted as a team to select this project?” In best practice organizations senior managers act as a team when selecting projects and this helps to promote good teamwork on the projects.  In other organizations the opposite happens.  PEAT™ was thus designed to measure how well the best practice organizations practice the best practices.  PEAT™ was also designed as an assessment tool so other organizations can see how they compare to “the best.”

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