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Attitudinal values for change:

These are the highest values one can discover or create by choosing a personal attitude towards ones fate, in some cases received as a positive experience and in others experienced as a blow of fate. In both cases, attitudinal values are the highest attainable as they include the creative and experiential values but transcend them. They are inclusive not exclusive and are not value judgement based. The highest possible value a person can attain is to choose their personal attitude towards any given circumstance. Understanding this freedom to choose is also to begin to understand the depth and breadth of one’s responsibility towards change.

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  1. To develop an attitude for change related activites.
  2. To exercise ones freedom of thought not freedom of speach.
  3. To whom and what we are responsible for in our work.
  4. The impact of perspectives, cause and effect, cause and reason, control and personal power.
  5. How to gain access to innate capacities and faculties such as Conscience, Will, Intuition & Humour for synergy, interaction, understanding, integrating and implementing change.
  6. The exploration in to our primary motivation as money, power or meaning and each of these viewed as means or ends, cause and effect or cause and reason.
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