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We can be at one and at the same time half sure and whole hearted. quote-people-who-are-aware-of-and-ashamed-of-their-prejudices-are-well-on-the-road-to-eliminating-gordon-allport-54-64-57

Gordon Allport 1962

What I like about Allports thinking is that we are multi dimensional and do form coherent aspects of experience from a sort of coming together. What we attend to is responsive to the world, but the world is also responsive to our attention.

Like Escher’s hand, that draws the hand that draws the hand, it presents a paradox for linear analysis.drawing-hands

This is why meaningful places for some may not be so meaningful to others, as it depends who is attending to it and in what way.

When we shoot the breeze were relaxed, chatting away without a care in the world, idle banter that is not worried about the consequences and not guarded or afraid of what is said. We may think we’re spending time talking about things that are not important, but are we?

I have started a number of casual meet ups and conversations – authentic encounters, with people who like to shoot the breeze about topics they enjoy, issues that concern them or perspectives that get them thinking, all mixed with humor, firmness and the precious gift of time, in places that mean something to them.

7054194741_272652d3caEveryone needs a place to unwind, chill out, meet new friends, a special place. Most people have a place where they remember feeling at one, while maybe only half sure and possibly even whole hearted, whether it be in days gone past, on holidays, weekends away, where you grew up, in the local village, a short walk from school, or simply home.

My place happens to be Dunmore East in Co Waterford and it would be good to know yours?

Wherever it is, if you want to think about starting a meet up please let me know or alternatively, if you want to start your own meet up there is a very helpful web site here.


We were shooting the breeze on a balmy summer evening this July on a ‘trinity talk & walk’. We all want to do it again this Winter.


Coming soon is the opportunity to ‘shoot the breeze’ in a way you had not thought of previously. With experts, specialists, friends, or neighbors. You may want to say what’s on your mind, what’s bothering you or what interests you or what’s fantastic in your life. Watch this space.


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