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Experiential values:

These are the values we discover when we experience moments in any situation, or when we capture the essence of people in the workplace. Like capturing the solar energy that reaches earth, we can capture the ‘soul’ of ourselves and others in magical moments of meaning discerned through attitudinal values. These values are what we receive from our work in the experiences and interactions in our relationships, reporting lines, empathy, sensitivity and obligation to our responsibilities. Our experiences can range from peak experiences to depressed states of emotion, feelings of meaninglessness, emptiness, the void within or a lack of purpose.

BIS offer leadership experiences that are significant in communicating

hands holding the sun at dawn

  1. What it means to be human, compassion, cooperation, reflection and empathy.
  2. Creative thinking, persistence, collaboration and initiative.
  3. Understanding intuition, trust and credibility for greater influence and negotiation skills in win/win.
  4. Learning gratitude, understanding and building discipline.
  5. Learning the foundations for moral courage, morale, freedom and responsibility.
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