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Spirit as Incentive

human spiritWhat about the human spirit as a source of incentive?

If you believe our primary motivation is a ‘will to meaning’, when you think about the assumption, how ‘will’ing are you in work to go that extra mile, commit to reaching out beyond yourself for the sake of a colleague, a task or the cause – when no one is watching?

Here are the spiritual foundations:

  1. Decision making – feeling free to choose, intuiting and using judgement?
  2. Uniqueness – feeling irreplaceable or being made feel replaceable?
  3. Responsibility – as an education through work to competence and responsibility.
  4. Willingness – to go beyond oneself, self-transcendence.
  5. Actualization – of values not the person.
  6. Fulfillment – of meaning not ones self.
  7. noodynamics – creating appropriate tension, re-orientating towards those values to be actualized and towards the meaning of your personal existence to be fulfilled.
  8. Existential vacuum – the void within.
  9. Existential despair & spiritual distress – deeply human rather than mental disease.
  10. Freedom – the chance to change at any instant.


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