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An employee at a midsize financial services firm who possessed great technical expertise was quickly promoted to lead a small team. After a couple of months leading the team, the team’s satisfaction and engagement scores began to tumble. The newly promoted manager was called into the HR office one day after mishandling an employee relations situation; now the employee was threatening to sue the organization. The solution was to send this new manager to an all-day, in-person training session to develop interpersonal skills. The lead HR professional was surprised when the manager came back even more frustrated than before. “They make it all sound so easy. The problem is every person and situation is different, so the cookie-cutter solutions don’t always work.” Gaming away the leadership gap: Published May 19, 2016.

Welcome to Diversity Understanding & Leadership 

If you aspire to managing, you are getting in to the people management business. As everyone is unique and irreplaceable how do you manage performance in such a diverse environment? You have to care for morale and want the people you lead to grow from who they are today, to who they ought to become tomorrow. Your responsibility is enormous and your obligation emphatic. Goethe said “if we take man as he is we make him worse, if we take him as he ought to be, we help him become it”. Today’s managers need more than basic managerial practices and tools to become leaders who want to be followed. Managers must understand how to help their direct reports cultivate meaning in their work by identifying values, before helping them attain those personal values through the tasks that they do. Personal value attainment is key beacon for meaning. Of course, aligning these values in business context of the role they play and how their contribution can impact the team and organization’s bottom line, is important. Leading for diversity of thought and action is key.

To help new managers achieve business results, we offer the Foundations of Human Leadership as a comprehensive learning solution that enables managers to understand and apply leadership best practices for maximizing team and organizational performance.

Leaders, managers must learn to make effective business decisions while balancing the diverse needs and responsibilities of their dependents, projects, teams and departments. They must learn to care and understand that people are human beings with feelings and primary motivation toward finding purpose with meaning in their work. Personal values play a significant part in identification and attainment.

We design the course in a way that ensures participants will be able to:

  • Learn leadership built on the self discipline of understanding not fear and how this builds mutual confidence & morale.
  • Understand how and why to establish team goals that align with the organization’s purpose & strategy.
  • Delegate team responsibilities appropriately.
  • Motivate teams to achieve goals with maximum productivity.
  • Analyze team and individual performance to provide feedback effectively.
  • Engage in leadership behaviors that will contribute to organizational success.
  • Choose the most appropriate decision-making method based on a consistent process.
  • Consider the short- and long-term results of decisions and how they impact the individual, the team and the organization.
  • Create an environment that is motivating for the team.
  • Facilitate work through other people.
  • Use feedback to help people improve their performance.

Participants will improve their managerial decisions with a better understanding of how they impact individuals, teams and the organization. By transforming new managers into effective business leaders, the learning provides individuals with the leadership skills to effectively lead their team within their organization. Team energy

A manager balances the needs and expectations of the team, the organization and the customers. Management is getting things done through other people who believe you have their best interests at heart. Therefore leadership is transcendent.

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