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Organizing Brand Skills

These skills transfer the ability to establish orderly uses of resources within the management system with particular emphasis on marketing and the impact of dimensions of corporate structures and culture.


We offer Organizational Change Skills

What’s the brands impact on my personal well being and how is the brand forming meaningful connections with me? This can be asked by an employee inside their organization and as a customer of their own and other products and services and if the answers are values based then workplace and brand well being, become more meaningful.

These skills transfer the ability to discover how to modify an organization in order to enhance its contribution to reaching organizational goals. For example “Digtal Marketing” and the changing face of Marketing functions and how to orchestrate the change particularly if you believe that ‘brand trust is no longer enough as meaningfulness is now the key brand driver in our organic world’.

The meaningfulness of brands is more important than ever. People want brands to improve their lives and the lives of the people they care about. Brands that focus on improving society and on making our lives easier and healthier, gain a greater share of our existence and receive higher levels of engagement and trust in return. Meaningful Brands® shows us that there is a huge disconnect between people and brand. Most people would not care if 74% of all brands disappeared for good. Being a trusted brand has not stemmed the disconnect. Meaningful brands powered by Havas 2016.

  1. Digital Marketing Advisory – Meaningful Moments for Mobile, Desktop and Digital Advertising.
  2. Big Data – Knowing the what and the why.
  3. Experience – Share of experience / voice.
  4. Organizing – Connect marketing to the business strategy and to the rest of the organization; inspire organizations by engaging all levels with the brand purpose; focus people on a few key priorities; organize agile, cross-functional teams; and build the internal capabilities needed for success.
  5. Connecting – Cross functional & virtual connection.
  6. Inspiring – Identifying and communicating Meaning & Purpose.
  7. Focusing – KPIs tied to local efforts.
  8. Agility – rigid matrix to flexible and fluid roles.
  9. New roles – Marketing academies.
  10. Networked – forming & leading multi disciplined teams.

We offer Responsibility and Delegation Skills

These skills transfer the ability to understand ones obligations and the importance of asking what the organization expects of us, rather than what we expect of the organization, as well as eliciting the help of others.

We offer Human Resource Management Skills

These skills transfer the ability to understand what actions increase the contributions of individuals within the organization and how a personal philosophy and world view of life and livelihood can reorientate individuals toward greater fulfillment in work.


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