Critical Thinking

We offer Critical Thinking Skills in Logical Reasoning

These skills are essential in a world offering fake news, misleading language and confusing meanings. As if things were not difficult enough by being bombarded with thousands of messages and pieces of information every day. How do we discern what is genuine and fallacious in order to enhance our decision making?

I suggest, by learning how to think. Not what to think, rather the means and manner in which we learn how to recognise reasoning, evaluate evidence, understand the perspective and its influence on the message, along with questioning the credibility of information. Critical thinking requires a deep understanding and radar for bias.


That depth may well be a ‘height’ in understanding, in terms of learning to become open to how the capacities to discover these skills may reside in a higher dimension, that includes the lower but transcends them. How can we learn to recognise reasoning if we don’t know where reasoning resides and what it is? Is there confusion between reasoning and causation? If things are unreasonable is that bias and what is the trouble with assumptions, beliefs and opinion? How do we evaluate anything and is someones perspective also their perception? Is perception reality and what is subjective and objective that may lead to bias? what is meant by authentic? What is meant by meaning?

These skills will help to transfer the ability to experience freedom of thought and choice, understand fear of fear and moral courage in decision making. We offer useful tools to guide you in ‘how’ to make a decision, not what to do. It is a combination of dimensional diagnosis, analytical capability and intuition.

We focus on intuition, what it is, where it resides and how you can access it for a greater understanding of cause and effect through reaction and cause and reason through response. When we react it is instinctual and there is no freedom at the level of the instincts. It can be important but we need to control it. When we respond we are reasoning and enter a different dimension that exercises our freedom in a way that is more response-able. Able and willing to respond.

Planning Skills

These skills transfer the ability to recognize the difference between functional planning and participative planning as well as the abilities to decide and determine the objectives of the organization along with what is necessary to accomplish those objectives.

We offer Strategic Planning Skills

These skills transfer the ability to focus on the organization as a whole, it’s multi dimensionality, integrated dimensions as opposed to layers and with the person at the centre of the process.

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