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I am Peter Purcell and I design experiences that cultivate meaning in organizations for whole health & well being. Logotherapy & Existential Analysis is at the core of the practice to help employees gain a different perspective, enable them to think and feel differently about the role of work in their life and to enhance or find a sense of meaning in their work. I have an intense desire for Logotherapy & Existential Analysis to count in business as its age old wisdom and practical human experiences can only enhance the current educational movement to responsibility. I have been in the people engagement business for over 16 years as the owner of Business Integrated Solutions (BIS Ltd) a business name change from Strategic Management Group (SMG) formed in Ireland in 1994 and leader in simulation based, experiential learning. 


1981 – SMG is formed by three faculty members of Wharton business school.

1994 – SMG Ireland joins SMG global membership group.

2004 – SMG group is bought by BTS worldwide.

2010 – SMG Ireland changes its business name to BIS Ltd.

2016 – BIS launches as a way for people to engage, discover and enhance the experience of meaning in their life while finding meaning in their livelihood, for whole health & well being.

Prior to becoming a Senior Facilitator with SMG I held a number of senior and executive level positions with a variety of multinational and industry specific organizations in the tourism, Information Technology and sales & marketing space. This included Aer Lingus, MJ Flood, Creative Solutions / Marketing Store and PRO Motion. I was certified as a Registered Education Provider (REP) through the PMI to lead a number of globally recognized project leadership programs by SMG and recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as part of the SMG global group.


2015-11-02_19h25_35In 2012 I read a book called “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. It touched me deeply, so much so that I decided to double my efforts in what I was striving to do for others and in 2015 I received first class honors and a post graduate practitioner’s diploma in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at Viktor Frankl Institute Ireland. I currently work as a clinical Logotherapist, integrating the philosophy, theory and practice in to every day life for people in business, sport and healthcare.

I am an academic associate with Viktor Frankl Institute Ireland, accredited with the international association of logotherapy and existential analysis in Vienna.






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