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Meaningful Selling

Shifting the sales focus from cold hard transactional facts, to a meaningful, memorable and convincing story.


In the age of transcendence the sales paradigm is changing from conventional marketing and sales to qualification and selection. Why is this? Quality of meaningful relationships that enhance the customers buying experience means we have to start thinking about the ‘buyer’, their experience and the value story they receive.

It varies by sector but in ‘tech’ there’s a move to ‘as a service’ that is less about the number of pieces moved and more about the solutions offered and value story we create and add.

Simply put, the customer has to ‘qualify’ in the supplier before ‘selecting’ one to work with and the criteria for qualification and selection are different.

However robust and proven your sales process may be for direct and partner channel, there are some fundamental human issues, more qualitative than quantitative, that can make the difference between winning a major sale and losing.

Think human to human:

How well do you access senior managers and do you know ‘how’ to get in front of executive leadership? Are you confident and competent?

How well do you survive management changes and understand your customers decision making process, along with their business and political environment? Savvy or stuck?

Do you understand how influence and power impact revenue and/or relationship?

If you want to win more sales, enable faster decisions, gain bigger & more profitable deals, here are some questions for you to consider:

What are the human challenges you face in your suspect, prospect and customer accounts?

How often is gaining access to the ‘right’ level a problem? What is the ‘right’ level?

Have you lost key accounts and revenue due to management changes?

How well do you or your sales force really understand the customers business and political


Course goals that we can design for you:

The goal of ‘Meaningful Selling’ is to help you call higher & wider, and navigate broader and deeper in to your accounts, to identify areas of customer “meaning,” while availing of associated credibility and good will as you navigate the human business world. The ideal is to qualify so you can provide differentiated solutions and to negotiate these solutions to a mutually successful conclusion with your customers. If it’s a new customer, they may just take the risk and select you.

The course program can provide you with the knowledge and skill necessary to accomplish these goals. These skills and knowledge will enable you to:

  1. Increase revenues.
  2. Increase profits.
  3. Increase win rate.
  4. Make more money.

Course Learning Objectives

By completing ‘Meaningful Selling’, you will be able to:

Communicate the reasons why it is important to call higher and wider in the customer’s organization and operating units.

Develop and communicate your value ‘story’ with the customer.

Identify the names and roles of key players in your customer’s decision making process through the use of relationship opportunity and account mapping.

Assess your position in the account. State the expectations that executives have when meeting with supplier salespeople.

Recognize positional tactics in customer negotiations.

Move positional negotiations to a more collaborative level.

A range of sales tools will be available enabling you to build a value framework, craft a relationship development plan, create a change narrative and work through a deal qualification checklist, before creating a solution strategy.

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