There is an unheard cry for meaning that “emphasizes the importance of helping people to find meaning in their lives and thus to live at their fullest potential. And – needless to say – those who live fully have neither fear of life nor fear of death. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross,M.D.

Some employees are searching for experiences that allow them discover the meaning of work in life and the quality of life at work. As corporate goals are influenced by quality of life outside an organization, higher quality of life inside, means a healthier organization that is fertile ground for prosperous socio-economic growth. Achieving ‘higher’ quality of life at work, starts with a workforce that is led to discover meaning in their business requirements, project tasks and activities.

At Business Integrated Solutions we offer a three stage process to unblock the potential of your workforce.

  1. Meaning audit – We can measure the degree of meaning and purpose in the workforce allowing personal values, ideals and realities, be aligned with corporate values, vision and purpose.
  2. Dimensional diagnoses – We review the ‘whole’ person by starting in the human dimension then in the physical and psychological, challenging cause and effect vs reasons and meanings and suggesting that behaviour is induced by reasons not causes.
  3. Re-orientation experience – We create a shift in attitude leading to a change of mindset & perspective, for mobilisation towards enhancing discretionary effort.

What makes this firm different is that we dare to start in the human dimension where capacities reside that are unique to the development of individual and team spirit, through freedom, responsibility, attitude, conscience & will. My belief is that we are motivated when our responsibilities are meaningful and engage our values, capabilities, potential and increased capacity.

These capacities are untapped resources capable of unlocking phenomenal personal power, more responsibly motivating than any power associated with ‘position’. The work can start with self experience and understanding in the dimensions of soma (body), psyche (mind) and noos (spirit) the latter being the human dimension, where personal power and uniquely human capacities reside such as self – detachment and self transcendence, for self leadership and leading others.

Self experience and understanding asks ‘where’ are you, not ‘what’ are you? You are a human being who may happen to be an employee, but in what dimension does the humanness of the human being reside?

Self leadership explores if you are really free and autonomous, responsible to whom and for what, show moral courage, build morale and understand the essence of discipline.

Leading others explores your world view, philosophy of life, theory of mankind and whether the humanness of the human being is preserved in such a theory and philosophy? It explores ethereal values, reasons and meanings, in spite of instinctual drives, cause and effect.